Benefits of Payoneer

15 Amazing Benefits of Payoneer Which Make Payoneer the Best

For me, the Payoneer is the best service to receive my payments from different countries especially from USA based companies.

But for some bloggers it may be not so, I decided to create a blog post where I can describe the benefits of Payoneer and why new bloggers freelancers and affiliate marketers should use Payoneer for receiving their hard earned money.

Without further ado, let me describe the benefits of Payoneer.

Before we start I want to describe some basic information about Payoneer.

Look at the below Table of contents for an idea.


What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a MasterCard provider company which provides MasterCards to its users. The users can load funds to their prepaid MasterCard, and after loading, they can withdraw their money from any bank’s ATM where the logo of MasterCard is displayed. Read more about Payoneer on Wikipedia.

History of Payoneer

Payoneer was founded back in 2005, and it is a financial service business that provides the facilities to send and receive money all over the globe (about in 200 countries). The headquarters of Payoneer is in New York City. Payoneer was founded by Yuval Tal who is the CEO of this company at the present time.

15 Amazing Benefits of Payoneer which make Payoneer the Best

Here I am going to describe the benefits of Payoneer.

I will list all the Advantages of Payoneer which makes it the best service for receiving payments worldwide.

It has been two years or more for me to work online as a blogger and a freelancer on Fiverr and I have been receiving payments from different blog advertisement networks and affiliate programs.

#1 Get $25 For Joining Payoneer

If you are a newbie and looking for a good method to receive your hard earned money then Payoneer will not only let you to receive your money, in fact, it will also give you $25 bonus as a new customer.

You will get your $25 bonus on your Payoneer account within 7 days of receiving $100 from any Payoneer verified company. This is because if they directly give $25 to every Payoneer user then people will start spamming with Payoneer. You can read our guide on Payoneer Signup and $25 Bonus. This guide will get through you to from all steps for signing up for Payoneer.

#2 No Bank Account Needed for Sign up

Most of the newbie bloggers are students and when they start blogging, normally they don’t have a bank account.

Payoneer offers MasterCard which is best because you don’t have need of any bank account for withdrawing your money. You can directly withdraw your money from any local ATM of your colony. So, if you don’t have a bank account then you can still signup for a Payoneer account.

Moreover, if you have a bank account then you can also add that Bank Account to Payoneer account and can withdraw your Payoneer dollars to your local bank account.

#3 Get a Virtual Account in USA Bank

No matters from which part of the world you are, Payoneer will open a virtual bank account in USA which you can use for different purposes. For example, you can receive your money from PayPal and Amazon etc.

If you are from USA or UK then Payoneer can also be integrated with many big companies like Google AdSense and PayPal (More on this later).

Moreover, virtual bank account in USA helps you to receive payments from only companies you cannot receive money from individual on your virtual bank.

#4 Receive Amazone Affiliate Money

As I said above that Payoneer provides you a virtual bank account in USA and you can use that bank account to receive your money directly in your Payoneer account.

Amazon affiliate is one of the best affiliate program out there and you can use Payoneer to receive your Amazon affiliate. To receive your Amazon affiliate payments please refer to the below steps.

Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments

To receive your Amazon Affiliate payments directly into your Payoneer account you can follow below steps;

  1. First of all, you must have an activated Payoneer card. If you don’t have one then you can simply sign up for one.
  2. Login to your Payoneer account and there click on Global payment service link. There you will see your USA bank account details.
  3. Now login to your Amazon Affiliate account and there click on Account Settings > Change payment method.
  4. Select Pay me as direct deposit and in the next field enter your Payoneer USA bank details and now you are done.

#5 Fastest Service to Receive Payments

Everyone wants his money as fast as he can. Here Payoneer is the best because in my view using Payoneer you can receive your money in a few hours. Although you can use their express delivery systems which says that your money will be available within 2 hours but I have always seen that they send us money within 10 minutes. This is the reason I highly recommend Payoneer to everyone.

Payoneer service is just like fast food, just order and eat. Sometimes they also send money to your bank account very fast then the expected times. Payoneer service is much more better then PayPal if you talk about speed.

I highly recommend you to read SEO Tips: 50 Most Important SEO Tips You Should Know.

#6 Buy Stuff Online and Make Local Payments

Buying stuff online is not a new feature of Payoneer.

Using Payoneer MasterCard you can buy anything from the web which you want and where MasterCard is allowed. Paying using Payoneer is same as paying through other cards such as VISA.

The best thing about Paying online using Payoneer is that you can pay even less then one dollar I have tested this myself by buying a domain name from NameCheap for $0.88.

Not only paying online, you can also make local payments using Payoneer. All you need to do is to take your MasterCard in your hand and sweep that into the MasterCard machine and enter your PIN code and that’s it you are done paying using Payoneer locally.

#7 Withdraw Anywhere in  World in Their Local Currency

If you often travel and you face the currency exchange problem then now Payoneer has also resolved this problem for you. You don’t need to worry about the currency conversion rates and other things of this kind, all you need to do is to go to your favorite country and use their local ATM to withdraw your money in their local currency.

Here is a drawback to use Payoneer on local ATM. It deducts about $3 every time when you withdraw your money using Payoneer. But in my view this is not much if you are going with $200 or more because you have no need to worry about many things.

#8 No Hidden Fees

When it comes to Fees and taxes Payoneer is the best, I have been using both Payoneer and PayPal for a long time but my priority is to use Payoneer where it is possible to use because Payoneer has no hidden fees and taxes like PayPal.

Payoneer saves a lot of money for you by showing everything, if there is any fee for any transaction then it shows that transaction fee to you so that you don’t get frustrated after making transaction.

#9 Make Money Using Payoneer

Payoneer also provides a very amazing feature just for it’s users. Using Payoneer you can also make a huge amount of money.

All you need to do is to copy your refer a friend link by clicking on the right sidebar widget on Payoneer Dashboard and send that link to your partners, friends and customers to join Payoneer. Everyone who joins Payoneer using your link gets $25 as a gift and you are also rewarded a gift of $25 when your friend receives at least $100 to his Payoneer account from a verified company.

This is how Payoneer provides a job opportunity for his customers.

#10 Receive your AdSense Payments if you are in USA or UK

If you are a USA or UK resident then Payoneer is even more good for you. Most people who use services like Payoneer are affiliate marketers, freelancers or bloggers.

If you are a blogger and you use Google AdSense then it’s great opportunity for you to get paid through AdSense using Payoneer. And if you are still struggling with Google AdSense then you can read our guide on How to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily + 2 Secret Tricks. This guide will help you to get your AdSense account approved easily.

All you need to do is to add your USA virtual bank details on AdSense payment page and that’s it. You will probably receive your payments on 29th of the present month because Payoneer takes some time to process your payments.

#11 Integrate Payoneer with PayPal

Payoneer is also compatible with services like PayPal and you can connect your Payoneer MasterCard and USA Bank account to PayPal if you are from USA.

Although this service is only for USA members but if you are from any other countries where PayPal is not allowed then you can also create a verified PayPal account using Payoneer. But for this your Payoneer account must be activated.

#12 Fastest Local Bank Transfer

I had no believe that on Payoneer fast transfer because it has happen with me that it took about 2 days for me to receive my money on my local bank but when I see that my friend’s money was sent to his bank account within 20 minutes I was amazed.

Yes, Payoneer send the money to local bank in just 20 minutes. This mostly happens when you request to send money to your bank account on Monday. Because at Saturday and Sunday most of the transaction are pending and all of them are sent at once.

Well, Payoneer is also trying to improve it’s time as much as it can.

I can surely say that until 2020 Payoneer will start transferring funds withing a few minutes.

#13 Send Money to Friends Without any Fees

This is pretty common that we have to send to our friends and family members and mostly online money transfer companies charges some commission for sending money even to friends and family.

But, when we talk about Payoneer there is nothing like that. Payoneer just is free for sending money to your friends and family there is no hidden fees or charges for this.

#14 Accepted by many big organization

Now Payoneer has become a very big organization and is supported by many companies and freelancer sites. Means now Payoneer has become a payment method for many companies.

If you are an internet marketer then your Affiliate commissions are very important for you, thus Payoneer is very beneficial for you to receive your payments from different sites.

Below is a very small list of the most popular sites which pay through Payoneer.

  • CPAlead
  • PeerFly
  • ClickBank
  • NeverBlue
  • ShareASale
  • Maxbounty

#15 Amazing Customer Support

All of us need help at times and when it comes to online word then it starts with helping each other.

Helping and guiding the customers is very important and Payoneer knows how to do this.

Payoneer has many methods for their customer support for example, they have created help videos on most of the topics which their user may want to know or need help related to these things.

Payoneer has a very good community where you can ask about everything related to Payoneer in many languages.

In short Payoneer is best for their customer support. But there is one problem with the support sometimes they are very slow to respond but they always do.

Final Words on Benefits of Payoneer

I have described you 15 amazing benefits of Payoneer and at the end I am highly recommending you to signup for Payoneer.

Now Payoneer is being used at many big sites for paying to their affiliates. So, it has become very important to use Payoneer nowadays.

Payoneer is also very good for saving your money from fees and taxes, it’s fees are very less then other companies. And the currency conversion rates are also very good so, you don’t need to worry about these things.

If you have not already signed up for Payoneer then go and signup for Payoneer and enjoy it’s amazing service and benefits.

If you have any question or suggestions then you can drop your comments below.



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