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How to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily + 2 Secret Tricks

If you are tired off by searching how to approve Google AdSense easily then this guide is for you because here in this AdSense Account Approval guide I will teach you how to get AdSense approval easily.

If you are tired off by searching how to approve Google AdSense easily then this guide is for you because here in this AdSense Account Approval guide I will teach you how to get AdSense approval easily. And at the end of this article, I will also share some AdSense approval tricks.

For many bloggers AdSense is a dream and they think that it is not possible for them to get an AdSense account approved. But this is their misunderstanding. Google approves the sites but not all, to get your site approved you need to reach their website approval criteria, and that is not very hard.

But unfortunately, newbie bloggers don’t focus what should they do before applying for AdSense which leads them to be rejected from AdSense again and again.

I have learned these things in a hard way, in fact, I learned to get an Approved AdSense after being rejected for more than twenty times or even more.

But you are lucky that you searched this phrase how to get AdSense approval easily, and landed here. The reason is not that I am an expert in getting AdSense account approved or I know AdSense approval trick. Instead, I work according to the recommendations and the requirements of the AdSense. And I will describe some important things which you should do before applying for AdSense.Get Google AdSense Approval

I know that many questions are popping up in your mind but don’t worry I try to answer your all question in this comprehensive AdSense approval Guide.

We will start with a few Basic terms like;

What is Google AdSense?

I think that it will be a crime to write about Google AdSense and not to state that what Google AdSense is? How it works? How they find advertisers and publishers? etc.

Well, AdSense is a blog advertising service powered by the Google Inc.

How Google AdSense works?

AdSense allows its publishers to place the highly targetted ads on their sites. The ads are targetted according to the contents of the publisher’s site and the user’s interest who is browsing the site. When any site visitor clicks on the Ads, the publisher gets paid for that click. The payment amount varies which depends on many factors.

How does Google find Publishers?

You know the answer, but for the peace of the heart, I have to write a few line about this question.

Web site owners from all over the world apply to Google AdSense for displaying ads on their websites and blogs. The sites which follow the policies of AdSense, they approve these sites, and they start showing live ads.

How Google find Advertisers?

Well, AdSense is a separate program. In AdSense Google just entertains the publishers. They have another program which is known as AdWords which they use to get advertisers. AdWords is a massive program and highly trusted, so advertisers from all over the world contact Google themselves for advertising their products and services.

Get Your Blog Reviewed For AdSense

I know how hard was it for me to point out the mistakes which I had made on my blog due to which my blog was rejected by AdSense.

I just used to wish that someone who is expert in these things (AdSense and it’s policies) can help me by reviewing my site. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anyone to do this for me. But, I would say that you are lucky because I want to help beginners and I have started a free program to review blogs of my readers for free and point out any mistakes which may be preventing them for AdSense Approval.

To get your blog reviewed by me just go to review my blog for AdSense page and there fill the form with required information. I will review your site for free and will provide you a list of suggestions made on reviewing on your site. I hope that my suggestions will help you to Get AdSense Approved for your blog.

What is AdSense’s Application Review Process

The AdSense account review process is not totally on robots. That’s is why you can’t use any black hat techniques to get AdSense approval easily. But they still use automatic review programs which is the first step of your application review.

When you submit an application, your application is not directly considered by AdSenes team. After submitting your application, a crawl (designed program) visits your submitted site and checks your site’s all content, pages and navigation system, etc. If your site passes this test, then your request is sent Google AdSense team to be reviewed. The AdSense team is not a robot. So, they check your site manually and decide where your site is a quality site, does your site complies with their program policies, does your site have enough contents to be approved, etc.

So, the first thing you need to do is to get your site approved by robots. Fortunately getting approved from robots is very easy. But unfortunately, many newbie bloggers don’t get their site approved from the very first step. That is why I have listed some most popular reason of AdSenes account disapproved so first read it.

Top 4 AdSense Application Rejection Reasons

You got rejected from AdSense. Whatever the reason was the answer is simple, your site is not ready for AdSense that is why they have kicked you off.

If you want to know how to get AdSense approval easily, then you have to reach their account approval criteria.

Below I have listed the top 4 reasons for your AdSense application rejection. Read these reasons carefully, I have also written a possible solution for every rejection reason.

Insufficient content

Insufficient content AdSense rejection reason
Insufficient content AdSense rejection reason

The number one reason for AdSense application rejection is insufficient contents on your blog. As stated in AdSense documentations they don’t approve any site which has insufficient contents.

Your site must have enough contents, which the AdSense team can review. If they have stated this reason, then it is straightforward that your contents have grammatical errors or your site has a few blog posts.

The possible solution to this Google AdSene rejection is to write high-quality contents for your blogs. (more on this later)

Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies

Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies
Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies

If your site does not comply with the Google AdSense’s program policies, then they will send you a disapproval email with this message that your Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies.

What does it mean?
It means that your site has a little user experience, weak and bad navigation system, nasty blog design, copied contents, not any real traffic from organic sources, your site has n’t relevant pages.
The possible solution for such a site owner is to follow all guidelines given below.

Your Website is Too New

Your Website is Too New
Your Website is Too New

Oh! Your site is not old enough to be accepted by AdSense. It is clearly said in the AdSense eligible to Participate post that your site should be active for at least last six months.
The reason is simple, they want to ensure the quality of their advertising network.

The only solution to this is to wait for at least six months.

Hold on, there is one other solution too for this problem. You may have listed many times that people got their site approved withing a few days or weeks, right?  Yes?
You can also do so, but for doing so, you need to work much harder and have to provide quality contents (more on this later) to your visitors.

Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate Content
Inappropriate Content

What will you do if your teacher said you have not done the right homework? Will it not be annoying. The same thing is here.
You has been working on your blog for a while, but now when you applied for Google AdSense, they rejected you saying Inappropriate Content.
Unfortunately, there are many types of contents which are not called Inappropriate Content in the dictionary of Google AdSense.
These contents include the following categories.

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Violent Stuff
  • Hate Speech
  • Excessive Profanity
  • Hacking/Cracking Guides
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Sales of Beer/Hard Alcohol
  • Sales of Endangered Species
  • Sales of Weapons/Ammunition
  • Sales/Distribution of Schoolwork
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

You can read the Prohibited content page at Prohibited content.
If your site is one of the above categories, then you can never get your AdSense account approved. The only available solution to this problem is to remove those contents from your blog which falls in the above categories.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily + 2 Secret Tricks

I have listed some actionable tips which you should follow to get  Get AdSense Approval Easily.

As I have introduced myself at the top of the post. I use these tips myself, and I have got more than 4 AdSense account approved.

Write High-Quality Contents

Whether you are interested in getting AdSense or any other online earning program (which actually pays high), you need to provide high-quality content.

Quality content is the first demand of every great service.

So, now it’s Google, not any other network. They demand high-quality contents which are helpful for everyone. Oh! Let me clear what is a high-quality content;

High-quality content is one which can describe the chosen topic clearly, and the readers can also get benefits from that content. There are few features which your content must have if you want to write a high-quality content.

  • Your content must have complete information.
  • Content must be long enough that it can describe all the terms.
  • Any piece should not be copied.
  • It should be formatted nicely using Heading, Subheading, and bullets, etc.
  • Last but not least, it should be free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

Why Google demands high-quality content for AdSense approval?

It’s simple Google wants to provide as must quality as they can to their advertisers. So, if your site has quality contents, then it is sure that your site’s readers will be quality.

Write A Good Number of Posts

Do you have the sufficient number of posts on your blog? Yes or No? Oh! There is not any answer to this question. Yes, there is not even one…


Someone asked the same question to the AdSense community.

And what was the reply?

PeggyK and Gracey, the top contributor to AdSense Product forum, answered the very nicely.

According to PeggyK and Gracey, there should be at least 25 to 30 quality blog posts before you apply for AdSense.


sufficient content requriement for AdSense

sufficient content requirement for AdSense

This was a rough calculation as I have seen many blogs approved by AdSense with just 6 or 7 blog posts and on the other hand, many blogs with hundreds of posts are rejected.

So, one cannot say this that there is an exact number of posts that your blog must have. But the AdSense contributor has given us a hint that there should be average posts of 25 to 30.

Check your Blog’s Design

Have you heard this proverb, “The first impression is the last impression”? This is same for your blog’s design.

Although Google has not cleared this on any document professionally, they want a high-quality + neat and clean website.
If your blog’s theme is looking a home of useless widgets, then I am sorry to say it is very hard for you to get approved for AdSense.

In most of the cases people add useless widgets on the sidebar, for example, Facebook Like widget, Labels, Posts, Sponsored posts, etc. if your site has these additional widgets then remove them first. Then check the design of your blog. Is that looking cool or not.

A cool blog design is one which has following features;

  • Simple, Neat and Clean
  • Easy to navigate
  • Looking professional
  • Useful widgets for readers
  • Don’t have unnecessary widgets
  • Last but the most important the fast loading speed.

So, the conclusion the that your blog must have a good theme. If your blog is on WordPress, then you can check some simple but amazing themes at My Theme Shop.

Speed Up Blog’s Load Time

Site’s loading speed has become a website ranking factor of Google, and now Google wants sites which are loading fastly.
According to my experience if your site is loading within 4 seconds then the chances of your application approval are doubled by 50%.


The reason is simple everyone wants to visit those sites which load faster, imagine, if you search for how to make Omelette, and just open one site. And, and the site took more than one minute to load, what will you do, will wait for loading of the whole page? Never, I don’t know about you, but I am sure about me. I will note the site and will never visit that again.

Now think if a visitor doesn’t want to visit a site then how can he engaged with the site and it’s advertising, and Google thinks the same.

So, I highly recommend you to speed up your site so that it can load faster even on mobile devices.

Buy a Top Level Domain

If you are still using a subdomain of Blogger, then the only thing which you can do is to wait for at least six months and then try to apply and finally get rejected.

Yes, it’s true, if you are really interested in making money through Google AdSense, then you have to manage to buy a top level domain.


Its reason is also very simple. If you use a subdomain of Blogspot than your site will not look very professional. Although Blogger is powered by Google and AdSense is also by them, but they don’t want to dirty their advertising network.

A new domain just cost about $1 for the first year because there is a very tight competition between different domain selling companies. So, I highly recommend you to buy a custom domain for your blog first.

Your domain must be but amazing. It should not have more than 10 words so that your blog readers can easily remember it and it should not look spammy. A spammy domain is one which has characters like hyphen (-) and numbers like 2017 etc.

Add Important Pages

Did you notice every website which looks professional and get Adsense Account Approved has some important pages?
What these important pages are?These important pages include the following pages;

These important pages include the following pages;

  • A Privacy Policy
  • An About us
  • A Contact us Page
  • Disclaimer & Sitemap pagesAdding a Privacy Policy Page
  • Adding a Privacy Policy Page

Does adding a privacy policy page to your blog look odd? Yes, for me it is very odd. No one reads this page, even no one like to open such pages which are written is strange words. Even, even these pages are very hard to digest because of the strange words and phrases used in them.

Then why we need a privacy policy page?

Well, Google AdSense requires you to include a privacy policy page on your blog so that your readers can read it and can know what to do on/with your site/contents and what to not.

As it is a requirement. So, you have to complete this because you want AdSense account approved fast. Moreover, there is not anything wrong with your site if you add a privacy policy page.

Adding an About Us Page

About US page is useful.


Because it tells your blog readers what you are, where you come from, and why you do, etc. In About US page you can write about yourself (the blog admin), about the blog authors, and the topics which you cover on your blog.

But there is a question why Adding an About US Page helps getting  Get AdSense Approval Easily?

There are two reasons, number one it makes sure to AdSense team that you are the same person who is applying for AdSense. And the second one is you are not anonymous.

Important Tip: It is better to add your email address in about us which you are going to use for applying to AdSense. The reason is very simple, it makes the AdSense team that you are the same person who is applying for AdSense and it fasts your approval process.

Adding a Contact us Page

Contact us page is killer when you apply for AdSense. I don’t know why I am writing this important condition here after all the above stuff it should be at the top of this page. Whatever, let’s dig this too.

If your visitors have any problem with your any posts/contents then how can they contact you? They can only contact you only when, when you let them contact you.

And this can only be done by adding a user-friendly contact us page.

I know you are also thinking why and how a contact us page helps in getting  Get AdSense Approval Easily.

As you know Google wants to provide the best experience to the users. When they find a contact us page on your blog, it ensures them that you take care of your blog readers.

Remove Copyright Images from your blog

Do you create the images which you use in your blog post yourself? No? I know you have never created your most of the pictures yourself. I am much sure because most of the newbies don’t like to spend time on creating images. Instead, they copy the images from other’s blog.

No, no, editing images are not working in 2017. If you think you can edit other’s images, then you are wrong. Google takes a few seconds to detect any copyright protected images from your blog. So, the only thing which you can do is to remove the copyright images from your blog. You can read 10 Absolutely Free Websites to Download Stock Images. From these sites, you can download images for your blog and can use them without any copyright restrictions.

Make your blog Ads Free

Are you already following the famous proverb “Something is better than nothing.” Yes, then please don’t follow this while thinking for AdSense. Although AdSense has not stated that they don’t allow any other advertisement network on your website. But I believe that if you are already using any other advertisement on your blog from any other networks like, Infolinks, etc. Then it’s time to get rid of these networks and focus just on your blog.

Free Tip: Don’t just remove other networks while applying for AdSense. Keep your blog free from advertisement until you receive an email from AdSense. Typically it takes them 3 days, but it can take longer depending number of applications they receive.

That’s it. I always follow the above tips to get AdSense approval easily. And now I have shared everything with you.

Secret Tricks to Get Google AdSense Account Approval Easily

I know you were scrolling down this page to read this secret trick to  Get AdSense Approval Easily.
But let me clear that this trick will not work for you if you didn’t follow the above-described tips. So, the first trick is to follow the fantastic tips which I have listed above.

Now, let’s come to the trick.

As I have described AdSense uses a robotic system to check your site first. Passing that robotic system is very easy. After that, they let you log in to your AdSense account, but that AdSense is not fully activated.

To fully activate your AdSensea account you have to paste a page level ad code which they provide you in the HTML of your blog.

This is your first time, so you don’t know which kind of code is that. That code is a mobile page level ad code which shows your site’s accurate performance to the AdSense team and your account approval depends on that.

If they find your site’s performance according to their criteria, they immediately approve your AdSenes account.

I have a secret trick to increase the performance of your site in their system of AdSense monitors, after pasting that code under the Head tags of your site’s code.

Secret Trick No. 1 to Get AdSense Approval Easily

Here starts the secret trick.

[sociallocker id=”433″]

Before you go to apply for AdSense. Create a new Gmail account without verifying your phone number. If you don’t know how to do so then you can search this on Google.

Use that email account to apply for AdSense.

Now they will provide you your page level ad code which you have to paste under the HEAD tags of your blog’s HTML.

Just paste the code, and provide as much mobile traffic as you can. The traffic must be from Google not from Facebook.

As you know Google does not require any traffic but to get your account approved fast you need to give some traffic to your site but that traffic must be from organic sources and must be from mobile devices.

To give traffic from mobile devices, you can use the phones of your family members and can try some mobile VPN services to change your IP address and can send traffic. But remember don’t bee spam while doing this.


And that’s it. You have done.

Secret Trick No. 2 to Get AdSense Approval Easily

This is the best trick to  Get AdSense Approval Easily and this trick has worked for me almost all the times. And I can say with 100% surety that this will also work for you too.

So let’s head over to the trick No. 2 to get AdSense account approved.

[sociallocker id=”438″]

The trick is very simple.

Do you know AdSense gives more importance to countries likes USA, UK, Canada, etc?

When you apply for AdSense through any third world countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. then the chances of your Application approval are low. The reason for this is that most of the people from third world countries use fake methods to earn more revenue. That’s why AdSense don’t like these countries.
So, here the trick is to apply for AdSense through countries like USA or UK.

You can use any fake address and can use textnow or any other international number provider apps.

Once you get your AdSense account approved, you can get the PIN through any PIN provider. There are many people is the USA, UK, and Canada which provides the AdSense PIN service, you just need to contact them and ask for their address and can get your PIN on their doors.

The other way is to get your AdSense account PIN verified is to use fake ID Card. It’s easy and reliable, but for this, you have to wait for 3 months.


So, friends, this was the second trick to get Get AdSense Approval Easily.

What if your site still doesn’t get AdSense Approval?

Oh! I am sad if you still don’t get your website approved by AdSense.

Don’t worry you are not alone, do you know AdSense has disapproved more than 12 million websites till now, and you are also one from these 12 million.

And, and this is not the end of the world? There are still many methods to make money online.

If you ask me what should you do now. Then I will suggest you (everybody will suggest the same things) only three things.

Resolve the Issues that AdSense stated in rejection email

Don’t lose heart. Open the email which AdSense sent to you. And read the reasons they mentioned for rejecting your site.
Keep in mind you can apply for AdSense as many times as you want. There is no restriction on the number of applications you can submit. But always apply for AdSense after the wait of at least 2 weeks for the rejection email.

If you can’t understand the reasons why they rejected your application then come back to this page and post the reasons on comments. I will be happy to assist you.

Use AdSense Alternatives

Use any AdSense alternative to monetize your site. This is very useful when your site is receiving good traffic. There are many high paying Alternatives to Google AdSense which you can use to earn some cents from your blog. A few of Google AdSens alternatives are listed below;

i) Use is the perfect alternative to Google AdSense. They provide best advertisement environment for monetizing your site. Although they don’t provide as much revenue as AdSense, they are the best after AdSense. So, I will suggest you apply for

ii) Use Infolinks

Infolinks is the second best Alternative to Google AdSense. Infolinks is a scans your whole page and add advertisement links in them when any user clicks on these links you get paid. Getting your site approved for Infolinks is also very easy.

Use any other Way to Make Money

Use any other method to earn money. Yes, there is not a single method to earn money online. You can survive without AdSense. There are hundreds of methods to earn money online. You can work on YouTube, Fiverr, Dailymotion and much more. It all depends on your had work and on your skill & interest.


Wrapping it Up

As I have already said that I am an expert in Getting AdSens account approved and I have also shared my all the techniques which I use to get my AdSense accounts approved.

So, getting an AdSense is not very hard for your if your follow the guidelines described above.

In case you still don’t get your site approved for AdSense then please leave following AdSense and start something new which does not rely on AdSense.

I hope you will share this post with your friendly communities on your favorite social networks.

I will also be jubilant to assist you. Just drop a comment below if you need any kind of help.

And don’t forget to share your AdSense stories with this blog.

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