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BloggersPapa’s short intro

Bloggers Papa is a blog for Blogger guides, Make money online, SEO, Affiliate marketing, and Marketing guides.

The aim of BloggersPapa is to spread knowledge of online earnings and help newcomers make their living through easy-to-learn online methods.

We have been online since 2017 and have grown from a single person to a team of 4 members.

If you have any questions, then you can use our contact us page.

Who Runs BloggersPapa.com

We are two brothers Daniyaal and Fahad.

Fahad manages the content on the website while Daniyal handles all technical stuff like Social media, SEO, Hosting, and all payments, etc.

Blogging was our hobby which we used to do in our spare time in our school days. But now it’s a full-time job for both of us.

We have working experience of more than six years, and we are sharing our experiences of these years at Bloggers Papa.

How We started Blogging?

Me (Daniyaal) began blogging in 2015 due to a horrible incident.

I just used to spend my 1-2 hours on Facebook until someone hacked my Facebook account. I wondered how can someone hack a Facebook account and start doing research on the same topic.

I found a lot of sites claiming to be hacking websites but they didn’t work at all. I also wonder how and why these sites are made, do they earn money and how they appear on Google, and who manages these sites.

Out of curiosity, I searched Google “How to create a website,” and then I landed on Wix.com where I created a free web page. I was very glad to create my very first web page, but unfortunately, that was not a professional web page. Then I come to know about Blogger.com by Muhammad Niaz there I learned to create a free blog on Blogger and also get some good results.

My first blog was hosted on Blogger.com, I started writing about technology after that I create one more blog on Blogger and started writing about Blogger and SEO tips, tricks, and guides.

Then I talked about all this with my lovely brother Fahad and we both first got into Freelancing and later started doing SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and a lot more.

What are Our Aims?

Our main aim in blogging is not to earn money but to help others.

We write detailed guides on SEO, Blogging, and Make Money Online so that these guides can help others.

If you want to know something more about us or have any questions or suggestions then you can contact us using the following information.

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