15 Best High Paying AdSense Alternatives for 2017

If you are looking for AdSense Alternatives then you are on right Place because here in this blog post I will reveal the Best AdSense Alternatives.

​You are one of those who are struggling with Google AdSense but have not got AdSense approved till now. And you decide to monetize your site with AdSense Alternatives. Well, I would say you have taken a good step and have decided to choose any Best AdSense Alternatives to monetize your site and earn something other than nothing.

I know you have tried many times for AdSense and every time you were rejected but don't worry you are not alone. There are thousands of bloggers like you. It is a sagacious step to choose AdSense Alternatives if you don't get your account approved.

To be honest with you, there are hundreds of AdSense Alternatives and are also awesome, but there is nothing better than Google AdSense. That is why I would recommend you to read how to approve Google AdSense easily​.

Yes, Google AdSense is the highest paying advertisement network and has more than 20 million publishers and much more advertisers. But I am happy that you didn't quite blogging and had started searching for any Best AdSense Alternatives. Because it is a very famous saying that "something is better than nothing."

15 Best AdSense Alternatives for 2017

I have listed the Best AdSense Alternatives for 2017 which you can use to monetize your sites and can earn a good revenue. You can also use these AdSense Alternatives along with your AdSense to maximize your earnings​.


Media.net is the Best AdSense Alternative and is managed by Yahoo and Bing.

Media.net offers contextual advertisement so their publisher can make a good junk of money by showing their ads on their sites.

The available payment methods of Media.net are PayPal and bank wire. There are no any special traffic requirements for signing up for Media.net so you can signup for Media.net even if you don't have good traffic. But their team also checks your site before approving it.


  • The highest paying AdSense Alternative.
  • Pays very good if your most of the audience is from Western countries.
  • The Ads are shown according to the Search terms which users has used to get on your site which increases the CRT and ultimately Revene.
  • Beautiful, attractive and powerful Control Panel layout.
  • They also offers refer program which is amazing. 


  • Their policies are very strict and hard to follow.
  • Media.net is famous for banning publishers without stating reasons.
  • It's hard to get approved for Media.net but not as much as for AdSense.
  • The only payment method is PayPal and Bank wire.


Infolinks is just another Best AdSense Alternative for those bloggers whose blogs are not approved by Google AdSense or by Media.net.

Infolinks was established in the year 2007, and it is a PPC advertisement network which means they pay you for every click on your ads.

Infolinks allows you to add link ad units on your site. The algorithm of the Infolinks scans the whole page and displays the ads according to your site's contents.


  • Unlike Media.net Infolinks pays good revenue if your most of the traffic is from Western countries.
  • There is no any specific requirements for signup for Infolinks.
  • Infolinks provides a lot of Payment methods, the available Payment methods are Payoneer, PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, and ACH.


  • They don't have a big number of advertisers that's why mostly the advertisements are for Facebook.
  • You need to approve your all sites one by one if you want to use Infolinks on your other blogs.
  • Infolinks pays about 60% of the ad revenue with their publishers which is less then AdSense.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads Network was founded in the year 2011 and is a very popular and one of the Best AdSense Alternatives. Particularly for those sites which receive their most of traffic from UK, USA, and countries like Canada.

Propeller Ads is CPM based and pays for every 1000 impressions.

The best thing about Propeller Ads Network is that they have a lot of advertisers which and their advertiser are in all the niches which means your blog will be monetized with the ads that are similar to your niche.


  • Your account will be activated instantly, so you don't need to wait for confirmation emails like AdSense.
  • They share about 80% of the revenue with their publishers.
  • There are many payment networks which includes Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, and Prepaid Cards.


  • Propeller Ads Network don't supports PayPal which is a big fault. Almost all the Best AdSense Alternatives supports PayPal as a payment method.
  • The best ads are pop-under ads or full screen ads which provides a poor user experience. 


Chitika is a good AdSense Alternative, it was established in 2003 and it is a PPC (Pay Per Click) network.

The ad displayed of Chitika is very similar to the Google AdSense, but the difference is that AdSense places the ads according to user interest while Chitika shows the ads related to the search which the user has made.


  • The Advertisement is shown according to the search query of users which increased the CRT.
  • Chitika approves about all kind of sites.
  • Their policies are not very strict and about all the sites are approved immediately.


  • Chitika don't pay good revenue like AdSense. Means you need to have a Good CRT ratio or great traffic to earn more revenue.
  • The only payment methods are PyaPal and Bank Wire.


Bidvertiser is also one of the Best AdSense Alternatives, and it is a pay per click network.

The working of Bidvertiser is opposite that of AdSense because Google AdSense shows ads based on the interest of your visits while Bidvertiser shows ads depending up the bids of their advertiser.

You can earn even more than AdSense using Bidvertiser that is why Bidvertiser is the best AdSense Alternative. Bidvertiser displays text ads, banner ads, slider ads.


  • Bidvertiser provides 100% ads fill rate which means your blog will be monetized to all the users.
  • The policies of Bidvertiser are not very strict and about all the sites are approved immediately.
  • The available payment methods of Bidvertiser are PayPal, Bank Wire, and Payza.


  • Mostly the Ads are not matched with your contents which results in a low CRT and ultimately low revenue.
  • Sometimes Bidvertiser ads provides a very poor user experience.
  • Very old and unattractive interface.
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