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With paraphrasing being so integral in the article writing process today, I’ve taken a closer look at one of the leading tools available on the market named “ This tool serves as a go-to solution for anybody who wants to paraphrase their text.

So, today I’ve decided to take a deeper dive into the review after discovering how many people seem interested in this service and its additional features. From paraphrasing meaning to the in-depth reviews of this tool’s modules, I will cover everything here. Thus, without wasting any time, let’s start the review straight away.

Basic Introduction of is an NLP (Natural Language Processing) based paraphrasing tool that automates the entire paraphrasing procedure. The developers of this professional paraphrasing tool have trained it by feeding the natural language data samples. So, it not only removes plagiarism from content but also focuses on the sense of paraphrased sentences.

This tool provides state-of-the-art and human-readable paraphrasing with the help of its advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms. Unlike most paraphrasing tools, this paraphrase generator uses context-based paraphrasing instead of a synonyms-based paraphrasing mechanism. So, this tool understands the context of the entered text before paraphrasing. is a freemium paraphraser because it allows you to rephrase 500 words (for free). However, to paraphrase over 500 words, you will have to purchase its premium plan. Review – Honest Opinion:

The rule of thumb is to discuss the benefits and drawbacks to check if a tool is worth using. So, let’s see the reasons to use and avoid

Reasons to Avoid

  • Despite being a state-of-the-art paraphrase tool, the paraphrased content of will need some modification. So, you will need a writer to increase the readability of the rephrased content.
  • The free version of allows you to rephrase only 500 words. So, if you want to remove duplication from lengthy documents, this tool is not a suitable choice.
  • There is no option of uploading the document from the cloud storage directly. So, if you have stored documents in the cloud storage, you will need to download them before uploading them to

Why Should You Choose

  •’s UI (User Interface) is ideal for beginners because of its simplicity. So, you won’t need any user manual or instructions to understand the functionalities of this tool.
  • Like most paraphrasing tools, also provides three paraphrasing modes:
  • Creative – the creative mode is available for premium users only because it offers advanced paraphrasing. As the name of this mode depicts, it uses advanced vocabulary and fancy words to replace the duplicated portion of content.
  • Fluency – the fluency mode is the default mode of, which is available for unregistered and premium users. As the name of this mode suggests, it prioritizes content fluency while rephrasing the duplicated portions.
  • Standard – the standard mode is the simplest mode of because it uses the traditional paraphrasing techniques to replace the duplicated content with the rephrased text.
  • Most paraphrasing tools use synonyms-based paraphrasing mechanisms. But is one step ahead of those tools because it understands the context of entered text before starting the rephrasing.
  • The developers have trained this tool with natural language samples. So, its paraphrased content is more readable and human-friendly than other free paraphrasing tools. That is why it is one of the best free paraphrasers.
  • also has an iOS and Android application. So, you can use the features of on your smartphone as well.
  • This tool can understand the context of the entered text in 13 languages. So, you can quickly paraphrase the content written in languages other than English.
  • There are different ways of entering the text in For example, you can:
  • Type the text.
  • Paste the copied text.
  • Upload the document file from the local device storage.
  • One of the significant advantages of preferring over other paraphrase online tools is its additional features. So, let’s see the highlights of those extra features.

Some Additional Features that Come with

While discussing an honest opinion about, it’s hard to miss the other related features of So, let’s check those features.

1. Article Rewriter:

People often get confused between rewriting and paraphrasing and hence, they use these terms interchangeably. But there’s a significant difference between them.

Paraphrasing is a technique of changing the wording without affecting the actual meaning of the original text. In contrast, rewriting is a technique of rewriting the entire uploaded content with a different strategy. So, suppose the paraphrasing module of cannot remove duplication from the content or meet your expectations. In that case, you can use the article rewriter module.

According to its definition, the ‘Article Rewriter’ module of rewrites the uploaded content with a different strategy. This module will also add new content if the rewritten content is not rich enough. For adding the new content, this article rewriter uses two rewriting modes:

  • Creative – as the name depicts, the creative mode adds new content by understanding the original text’s context. This mode is only available for premium users.
  • Words changer – as the name suggests, this mode focuses on changing the wording of text while rewriting. It is the default mode of this article rewriter. So, it is available for both unregistered and premium users.
BENEFITS of “Article Rewriter”DRAWBACKS of “Article Rewriter”
The article rewriting module of can also rewrite the content in 13 languages. So, you will hardly face language barrier problems in this toolThe free version of the article rewriter allows access to the ‘Words changer’ mode only
Like the paraphrasing module, you can upload the text by pasting the copied content or adding a document file from the local storageThis module can’t beat the writers because after rewriting, you will need a writer to modify the content according to your preference
As far as the free version of the article rewriter is concerned, it is ideal for increasing user engagement of your blog 

2. Plagiarism Checker:

After paraphrasing or rephrasing a piece of content, the next step is to check its uniqueness. So, you can use the built-in plagiarism checker of to determine if your content is unique or needs more modification.

The ‘Plagiarism Checker’ of allows visitors or unregistered users to check the uniqueness of 1000 words. For longer texts, users will have to purchase its premium plan.

Anyway, the plagiarism checker module of uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep scanning algorithms to search for the matches of uploaded content against internet sources. If this module finds any plagiarism, it will show the plagiarized and original portions in terms of percentage in real-time.

ADVANTAGES of “Plagiarism Checker”DISADVANTAGES of “Plagiarism Checker”
Although you can paste the copied text or upload the document file to check plagiarism, if your content is on the web, you can upload its URLThe free version allows you to check the plagiarism of 1000 words only. So, it is not suitable for lengthy documents
The functionality of the plagiarism checker is straightforward because it checks the plagiarism with one click Compared to the paid plagiarism checkers, its plagiarism report is vague.
 There is no option for downloading the plagiarism report

3. Grammar Checker:

Suppose you want to check the paraphrased or rewritten content for grammatical or punctuation errors. In that case, you can use the built-in grammar checker of

As the name depicts, the ‘Grammar Checker’ of checks the uploaded content for grammatical errors. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to locate the straightforward punctuation and complex grammatical errors in the uploaded text.

POSITIVES of “Grammar Checker”NEGATIVES of “Grammar Checker”
Unlike the paraphraser, article rewriter and plagiarism checker of, the grammar checker module is completely freeNone. But compared to the Hemingway Editor and Grammarly, this module notices fewer errors
You can proofread the uploaded content with one click 
This module allows users to upload the text by pasting the copied content, uploading the document file, or typing the content 

4. Text Summarizer:

Irrespective of the writing industry, the conclusion part is an essential component of a piece of writing. But sometimes, writers prefer to use automated tools to summarize a topic in fewer words because of a shortage of time. So, the next tool in the review is the text summarizer module of’s ‘Text Summarizer’ module uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the text context. So, this module uses its context analysis to figure out the main idea of the uploaded content. Then, it creates a summary of the uploaded content based on its research. This way, the text summarizer module of succeeds in producing an accurate overview.

STRENGTHS OF “Text Summarizer”WEAKNESSES OF “Text Summarizer”
Like the grammar checker module, the text summarizer of is entirely freeAccording to the website, users can form bullet points and control the length of the conclusion with this tool. But I have not found such features
This text summarizer doesn’t change the theme of the content. So, it is an ideal tool for writing the conclusion of an article, research paper, book extract, etc. 
The options for uploading the content are similar to the other modules of 
You can use this module to create the bullet points for your presentation 
You can copy the summarized text with one click 
This module works on the principles of linguistic experts because it follows two summarizing approaches: AbstractiveExtraction 

5. Cite Generator:

Citation holds great importance in any form of writing because it saves the writers from committing accidental plagiarism. So, once you have finalized everything in your document, you should cite the sources of information. In that case, you can use the cite generator of

The ‘Citation Generator’ of creates the citation in APA, Chicago and MLA references styles with one click. So, if your text editor doesn’t offer the feature of citing the sources, you can use this module.

PROS of “Citation Generator”CAVEATS of “Citation Generator”
This module is an excellent alternative to the manual process of citing the referencesNone really
The Citation Generator of is entirely free 
You can create the citations and copy the generated sources with one click 

Wrapping Up – the Conclusion:

All in all, is an excellent tool because it offers different easy-to-use features for free. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you will not need any training to use this tool. But suppose you are thinking of purchasing its premium plan. In that case, I won’t recommend this tool because there are better alternatives available for the money.

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