KWFinder Review (January 2018) & Advance Step by Step Tutorial

KWFinder Review (Summary) 2018

KWFinder is one of the most popular SEO tools developed by the Mangools.

It makes the keyword research a bit easy and can help you to find hundreds of Long Tail Keywords with minimum Difficulty in a few minutes.

It will make the Keyword Research fun because you can get exact Search volume, accurate difficulty score, untapped LSI keywords, keyword trends, Quick overview of the top 10 sites in the SERPs and lot more.

In short, KWFinder is a perfect tool for Keyword Research with a lot of features and filters for finding easy to rank keywords.

Below is a detailed KWFinder Review along with a Step by Step tutorial.


KWFinder provides the decent support you can contact them by live chat (if they are online) and by email. They typically reply within 2 or 3 hours.

Tools Included

There are four tools included in the whole system.

  1. KWFinder:
  2. SERP Checker:
  3. SERP Watcher:
  4. LinkMiner:

You may find Mangools tools a bit expensive but it is a lot cheaper than the other services like this in the market. Especially the annual plan saves you a total of 40% which are incredible savings.

Ease of Use

KWFinder and all the other tools integrated with it are easy to use and provide an excellent user experience. The design is attractive and user friends too.

Pro & Cons of KWFinder

Below I have listed a few PROS and CONS Of the KWFinder which will help you to quickly decide whether this tool is for you or not.


  • The most user-friendly and easy to use tool in the market.
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    The cheapest keyword Research tool for all type of users.
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    Quickly get the Keyword Difficulty score.
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    Analyze the top 10 search results along with 45+ SEO metrics.
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    Get the Keywords Trends on the same screen.
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    User-friendly and helpful support team with real-time support.
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    Exact search volume for all keywords along with their CPC and PPC.
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    Apply filters for refining your research.
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    A massive list of LSI keyword suggestions.
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    Choose the Keywords you found useful for you and Export them in just one click.
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    And a lot more.


  • Cannot be used for competitors' research.
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    Severe request limits may be a problem for heavy users.
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    Nothing more!

In the present era Keyword Research has become critical especially when you want to target some high competitive niches.

As we know, every industry has some decent keywords which have a lot of searches but also have low competition.

If you find those keywords, then you can rank for them easily and can make good revenue.


Well, for doing proper keyword research we need to have a robust Keyword Research tool, and KWFinder is one of the best and the highly recommended tool in the market.

It is a beneficial tool, and it has a lot of features which makes it useful.

In this KWFinder Review, I will explain all the features of the KWFinder which makes it unique.

Below is a Quick overview of the Table of contents.

Is KWFinder Made for You?

Is KWFinder Made for You?

Is KWFinder Made for You?

You may have asked this question to yourself.

Well, KWFinder is an advance, easy to use, very powerful and user-friendly Keyword Research tool with beautiful, attractive, and advance designing.

As I told fining KW is very important for every industry.

If you are serious towards to your online filed and want to drive a lot of traffic to your site, then you should do KW Research.

And KWFinder is the handiest tool out there which you can use for doing KWR. 


I can assure you have got the answer.

Let me make it more clearly for you whether this tool is for you or not.

Just keep reading.

What do you get with KWFinder?

Well, a lot of users who search for KWFinder Review thinks that it is just a KW Research tool but it, not just a KWR tool.

When you purchase any monthly or yearly plan, you get a total of 4 different tools which are dedicated to SEO.

As our today’s review is about KWFinder so I will not go in full detail for each tool, instead, I will just write a few lines about the other tools that are attached to it.

  • KWFinder: It is an easy to use keyword research tool for finding untapped long tail keywords.
  • plus-circle
    SERP Checker: A quick analysis tool for SERP analysis with almost 50 built-in SEO metrics that helps to check your competitors instantly.
  • plus-circle
    SERP Watcher: Its simple yet powerful tool for tracking your rankings efficiently.
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    LinkMiner: Powerful tool for monitoring the backlinks profile of your competitors and provides detail of each BL.
What do you get with KWFinder

What do you get with KWFinder

OK, now I hope we should move on and get started with it.

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