Best Free Game Recording Software (Updated 2017)

Best Free Game Recording Software (Updated 2017)

Everyone loves the games, me and you everyone, and all of us want to prove to be the best player of the games we love. And when it comes to showing your expertise of game playing with others nothing is better than recording the Game.


If you want to record your favorite Game for sharing with your friends or colleges and want to brag by sharing your expertise of any game, then you need to install a Game Recording Software on your Windows computer.

But which software is best for recording Games this is what that every user wants to know.

Undoubtedly there are a ton of Game Recording Software are available on the market, some of these tools are paid while some are free.

All paid tools have premium features like video editing, compression, zooming and much more and when it comes to free Game Recording software there are mostly not many useful features which you can use.

Luckily we have Google, and we can simply search what we want, So, here in this blog post, I will share the best Free Game Recording Software along with their PROS and CONS.​




Open Broadcaster Software


Download OBS

Flashback Express


Download Flashback Express



Download ActivePresenter





Download Jing

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcaster Software which is also written as OBS in an open sources game recorder which lets our record the gameplay of any game on any computer very quickly.

OBS is available for Windows, Mac and Linus OS and is 100% for life time.

It offers two kind of themes one is light which is good if you are working in day light while the other is dark which comes into action when you work at night.

It is quick, simple and easy to use due to it;s user-friendly and simple interface, it can be used on almost all kind of computers and works on all operating systems including all version of Windows that greater than Windows 7.

There are a ton of features in OBS which makes it unique and the most powerful while simple Game Recorder software.

You don’t need to change the settings at all. All you need to do is to select the area and start recording the audio and video of the game.

Using OBS Screen Recorder, you can record and live stream your gameplay on modern platforms like YouTube and Twitch et cetera. On the other hand, you can save the video output in your computer’s storage too in popular video formats like MP4 and FLV.

OBS produces very high-quality videos by using your computer GPU. Not only this, but it also has much more features like Custom Watermark et cetera.


  • Open Broadcaster Screen recorder is totally free for lifetime.
  • It has many powerful features.
  • Light weight and smooth working software.
  • Set hotkeys for almost all kind of actions.
  • Live stream your videos on YouTube.
  • Light and Dark theme for better user interface.
  • And a lot more features.


  • Don’t work smoothly on Windows XP and lower version.
  • Doesn’t have a powerful video editor.
  • Supports only two video formats.

Flashback Express

Flashback Express is an easy solution for those who just want to record amazing videos and are looking for the Best Free Game Recording Software. it’s light weight, simple and user-friendly tool which you can use to record your screen and share instantly with the world with ease. It has not unwanted features like ugly logo mean it it is totally free.

Flashback Express allows you to record a specific window or a specific region of your computer screen. Using it you can simply record your screen as well as audio from the default microphone of your Laptop or by any other mic with a very good sound quality.

In short, it makes the recording a fun easy and simple.

To download Flashback Express in your computer you need to provide them with your email address and then they will give you the download link as well as an activation key which you have to insert in the software. Don’t worry it is totally free to use.

The best thing due to which I love this game recording software is that you can set schedule recording. Let me explain, if you want to record your computer screen at a certain time or by the launching of certain game or app then Flashback Express is a perfect option.

All you need to do is to set a specific game or time and when that game is launched or the time is reached the software starts recording automatically, in this way you get rid of the clicking on the record button.


  • Schedule recording by time or app launch.
  • Free for the lifetime with amazing features.
  • Quick screen recording with unlimited time.
  • No unwanted logos on screen.
  • Record sound with awesome quality.
  • Capture your face with a webcam.
  • Record a certain region or window.


  • Since the software is free so key should not be required.
  • Doesn’t include a lot of video editing features.
  • Works best when you have a minimum of 2 GBs of RAM.
  • Nothing much.


ActivePresenteris is a perfect tool creating screencasts & interactive eLearning courses with ease. It’s super powerful and amazingly easy to use and quick for recording the games and screen. You can use ActivePresenter for recording courses and gameplay.

ActivePresenter is developed by Atomi Systems which has a good name for developing fantastic screen recording software. It has a lot of features and comes in three different editions, free, standard and premium.

You can use Free edition which is full of many great features although the free edition has not all the features it is still good Screen recorder with limited features.

ActivePresenteris comes with video editing software which can perform the normal editing like crop, cut, merge, change volume, speed up, speed down and blur etc. It also supports rich annotations such as shapes, images, closed captions, audio/video overlays etc.

The best thing which I have found about ActivePresenter is that it supports a lot of file formats mean you can export the recorded game to your favorite video format so that you can watch that video both on Android and other devices.


  • A feature rich free game recorder software.
  • Easy and quick recording.
  • Set hotkeys according to your desire.
  • Powerful video editor.
  • Enables audio editing.
  • Export recorded videos in a lot of video formats.
  • And a lot more.


  • Difficult to edit videos as it’s a bit harder to learn it.
  • You have to buy the premium version for more features.
  • Nothing more than this. is an all in one Free Game Recording Software that let you record any Game with high quality without affecting the performance of your computer. The best thing which I have found about is that it can record up to 10 hours or gameplay with a quality of 720 pixels and it maintains the FPS very nicely.

When you install this program, it prompts a grid view of popular game plays which gamer like you have me have uploaded to the site of upon clicking any thumbnail you can watch the video of that game.

Let’s come to the recording functionality of To start recording you just need to open the main app, and the recording starts automatically for you, but if you don’t like this, you can simply change the auto record in the settings.

You are also provided with a lot of hot-keys which can do different functions like zooming at the mouse pointer, start the recording, stop recording and much more features of this kind.

OK, when you are done with playing your game the shows you the recorded clips, and you are allowed to cut the clips of your favorite parts, crop the screen, etc. You can also merge two or more videos or clips of the same recording.​


  • Starts and stops recording in one click.
  • Don’t affect the performance and your computer works smoothly.
  • Easy and simple to use interface.
  • Completely free for lifetime.
  • Customize videos with an easy video editor.
  • Very easy to share clips


  • Starts recording automatically upon launching software.
  • Videos produced are of large size.
  • Nothing more.


Jing is a free screen recorder software by popular video recording and editing software developer TechSmith.

TechSmith has been number one on the list of best video editing and recording software developers, and they have created some great tools like Camtasia (Paid Tool) which makes the video editing a bit of fun and very easy.

If you just want to record the video, the Jing is a very light weight tool for you, and you can use it to record unlimited videos very easily and quickly.

Jing is developed by keeping in mind the needs of free users and is video sharing. Jing really makes it easy to share the video you have recorded, you can share videos on YouTube, Facebook, and with other social sites.

Not only videos Jing also allows you to capture the high-quality screen shot easily.The best thing which I have found about Jing screen recorder is that you don’t need to be a master or to learn a lot for recording videos using Jing. It is very simple and easy to use.

One other thing that makes it the best Free Game Recording Software is the support if you face any issue you can simply contact the TechSmith team and they will be there to help and guide you through every problem you may face while using their product.


  • You can use Jing with Proxy server (only on Windows).
  • Select a particular area of the screen to capture.
  • Very easy to record videos.
  • Capture high-quality images.
  • Excellent support.


  • Jing doesn’t have any sort of video editor.
  • Very basic video recording software cannot be used professionally.
  • Don’t have a lot of features.
  • A few hotkeys for basic purposes like start/stop recording.

Final Thoughts

So, guys, these were some best and free Game recording software.

These software(s) has been selected after a lot of research and now we think we have really provided you something best which you can use for recording your game play and for other purposes too.

If you are looking for some screen recording software(s) that you can use to recorded videos for YouTube then first tools in this list are amazingly best because they have many premium features and are still available to download for free.

And if I have missed something then please let me know, if you ar already using any Game recording tools than let me know about these tools too because I will be happy to add them too in this list.

Don’t forget to share.

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