Affiliate Disclosure

Hi, it Fahad here.
This page is about the Affiliate Disclosure of Bloggers Papa (Blog).

I have started this blog is a good faith to help others.

Here in this blog, I share my experience and guides on different topics which are entirely free for you, it means, you don’t need to pay me for using my blog, and you can visit and read this blog for free.

To earn a living and to get a reason to work on this blog, I promote some services/products on my blog and uses affiliate links in the blog posts. It means when you click on these links and signup for the service/product or buy anything using that link I get a commission, don’t worry you are not charged for that, that commission comes directly from the pocket of product/service which I promote. This is how I earn from this blog using Affiliate links.

If you have any questions related to our Affiliate Disclosure you can contact us at contact us page.